Commission and Swap Charges

Swap Charges

At the end of each trading day, positions held in your account may be subject to a charge called “swap or rollover”. The cost can be positive or negative, depending on the direction of your trade and the applicable rate. You are also able to see the expected charge or credit on your Trade Ticket. The swap is charged automatically and is converted into the currency that the account is denominated in. The swap is calculated and charged once every weekday for 1-day rollover, with the exception of Wednesday, when it is calculated and charged 3 times to the account for the weekend.

Swap charges on Forex / Spot Metals

For Forex pairs, the cost or income is calculated as the interest rate differential between Tomorrow Next Deposit Rates (TNDR) of the 2 currencies in question, plus the mark-up charged by the Company on which the position is held and depending on the type of position (Long / Short). Clients may either gain or lose on swap, thereby having either positive or negative rollover, respectively. It is possible that some instruments may have negative rollover values on both sides as a result of commission being added on top of the overnight interest rate differential of the two currencies.

Commissions and Swap Charges

Arena Trade clients can expect commission charges only on FX pairs and Spot Metals. Our charges start from 0.35% per traded volume. If the base currency of the account is other than USD, the charge is converted to the respective currency.
Commission calculation formula
Commission = Trade size in base currency * (USD conversion rate * 0.35% traded volume) * Account currency exchange rate